Discover the fascinating & rich history of the country of Holland, also known as The Netherlands.

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Holland Food: Raw Dutch Herring

When you visit Holland try a typical Holland food product called "Hollandse Nieuwe", it's raw herring. The Dutch eat it with onions and pickles, and sometimes on a bread.

Tulip History in Holland

Dutchman Carolus Clusius (1526-1609), one of the most important European botanists, met a Flemish diplomat called Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq in Constantinopel (now: Istanbul, Turkey). He sent many tulip bulbs to this friends in Holland. That's how the tulip came to Holland.

The Songtext of the song Tulips from Amsterdam

The songtext of the famous classic song "Tulpen uit Amsterdam", "Tulips from Amsterdam".

"The Jolly Drinker" by Dutch Master Painter Frans Hals

This is a well-known painting by Frans Hals, a laughing, jolly drinker.

The Beguine Court (Begijnen Hof), Amsterdam

At the end of the busy Kalverstreet is a charming old Dutch Court called "Begijnen Hof" (Beguine Court).

Amsterdam, Holland in the Golden Age

In the 17th century the city of Amsterdam and the country Holland experienced a "Golden Age".

The Hendrick Hudson Contract and the Dutch Indian Company

The contract between Hendrick (or Henry) Hudson and the Gentlemen of the Dutch East Indian Company.

Boniface Statue in Dokkum

In the year 754 the Frisians (province Friesland, northern part of Holland) killed the Christian missionary Boniface with a sword.

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