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Replica of VOC ship 'Amsterdam', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Holland overseas
Holland and her ventures over the oceans and seas.
More information about this photo: Replica of VOC ship 'Amsterdam' in AmsterdamReplica of VOC ship 'Amsterdam' in Amsterdam


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Holland overseas

Holland History Short Information Sheet:

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Dutch founded companies to explore new lands and seas to establish new trading facilities, These were known as the Dutch East Indian Company (V.O.C.) and the Dutch West Indian Company (W.I.C.). The V.O.C. heading for the East (Indonesia, India, Japan), The W.I.C. heading for the West (North and South America, the Caribbean islands).

Holland Information Cloud:

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Dutch West Indian Company (W.I.C.)

The W.I.C. was founded in 1621 and received a monopoly of trade with all countries west of the Cape of Good Hope and east of the Strait of Magellan.

Bontekoe Journal/ Diary

In the 17th century Amsterdam was Europe's wealthiest trading city. Houses were built along the rings of city canals, the wealthiest merchants living in the city centre.

Holland in America

Besides planting colonies in Brazil, Guiana, and the West Indies, and in parts of Asia and Africa, the Dutch began settlements in North America, in New Netherland.

The contract between Hendrick Hudson and the Dutch India Company

The contract between Hudson and the Directors of the Dutch East India Company of Holland.

Holland, Amsterdam and the Golden Age

The country of Holland and the city of Amsterdam in the Golden Age of the 17th century.

Dutch trade overseas

At the end of the 16th century Dutch ships began to sail the seas in search for salt they needed for the herring trade.

In 1609 Hudson left Amsterdam to discover New York, Manhattan Island

On April 4, 1609, Hendrick (Henry) Hudson left Amsterdam at the "Schreierstoren" ("Weeper's Tower") on his vessel "Halve Maen" ("Half Moon").

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