Discover the fascinating & rich history of the country of Holland, also known as The Netherlands.

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Painting "Banquet of the Amsterdam Civic Guard" by Van der Helst

Banquet of the Civic Guard of Amsterdam, celebrating the end of the 80 Year's War in the year 1648.

Holland on the Seas

At the end of the sixteenth century Dutch ships started to explore the seas.

Holland Master Painters of the 17th century

The "Golden Age" of the 17th century laid a foundation for art in The Netherlands, especially painting. All the great Dutch Master Painters produced large numbers of paintings.

The Netherlands and the sea

More than 65% of The Netherlands are below sea level, dikes are very important to the country.

Dam Royal Palace in Amsterdam

The Dam Royal Palace is located on the Dam Square in the hart of the Dutch capital.

Painting The Alchemist by Adriaan Van Ostade

"The Alchemist" painted by Dutch Master Painter Adriaen van Ostade.

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