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"Our Lord in the Attic" Church
"Our Lord in the Attic" (in Dutch: "Ons Lieve Heer op Solder") is a 17th century Amsterdam canal house church, today it is a museum.


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Our Lord in the Attic

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"Our Lord in the Attic" (in Dutch: "Ons Lieve Heer op Solder") is a 17th century Amsterdam canal house church in the old harbour area of Amsterdam on the OUdezijds Voorburgwal. It was a hidden Catholic church built in 1661 on the top floors of a canal house after the Reformation, when it was not allowed for Catholics to worship their faith openly.

The house on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40 looks like an ordinairy canal house, it was bought in 1661 by wealthy Catholic merchant and trademan in socks Jan Hartman, who rebuilt the house. Hartman built on the top three floors of his house into a Catholic church with an altar and around 150 seats.

Of course the Protestant Amsterdam authorities knew about the hidden church, but they turned a blind eye since it was their policy was to tolerate the diversity of faiths and religions that flourished in the city.

The house can be visited, since 1888 it is a museum and it is, after the Rijksmuseum, the oldest in Amsterdam. It lies in the heart of the oldest parts of Amsterdam, in the centre of the famous, and infamous, red light district "de Wallen". Every year lots of tourists visit the area, a visit to this museum is recommended and it is worth the visit!

You can visit and see the "Our Lord in the Attic" church online in an 360 degree panorama photo, or visit the offical "Our Lord in the Attic" Amsterdam website for more information about the museum.

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