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Amsterdam canal houses at the Keizersgracht
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The city of Amsterdam is famous for her canals. Theses canals give Amsterdam about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges.
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History of Amsterdam Page 2


Amsterdam Short Information Sheet:

At the start of the 17th century, when Amsterdam's rise in population was at a height, a plan was made to build four main, concentric half-circles of canals with their ends resting on the Y River. Known as the "Canal belt" three of the canals were mostly for residences and houses: the Prinsen Gracht (the Prince's Canal); the Keizers Gracht (the Emperor's Canal); and the Heren Gracht (the Gentleman's Canal). The other canal was made for defense and water management purposes.

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Amsterdam "Schreierstoren" ("Tower of Tears" or "Weeper Tower")

The Amsterdam "Schreierstoren" was built in 1480 as part of the defensive city wall around Amsterdam.

Dutch East India Company ship Amsterdam

Visit a accurate replica of a 17th century East India Company ship called "Amsterdam".

Amsterdam in the Dutch Golden Age

The city of Amsterdam and the country of The Netherlands in the 17th century Dutch Golden Age.

Hollandic trade over the Seas

In the 16th century Amsterdam and Hollandic merchants started to send ships accross the world to search for trade.

Amsterdam and the Dutch Golden Age architecture

The Golden Age of the 17th century in Amsterdam and The Netherlands set the architectural style named Dutch classicism.

The Amsterdam canal system

Amsterdam is famous for its canals. Through time the canal system grew from the original centre point of the city, the Dam. There is more than hundred km. of canals with about 1500 bridges.

The origins of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam originated from a dam that was constructed in the River Amstel around the year 1200. Hence the name "Amstelredamme", through time shortened to "Amsterdam".

"Our Lord in the Attic" House Church

"Our Lord in the Attic" (in Dutch: "Ons Lieve Heer op Solder") is a 17th century "hidden" canal house church in the old harbour area of Amsterdam.

Master Painter Rembrandt

Dutch Master Painter Rembrandt was born in Leiden and moved to the city of Amsterdam. Here most of his masterpieces like "The NightWatch" were made.

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