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Mausoleum of William the Silent in the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, The Netherlands
Mausoleum of William the Silent
Mausoleum of William the Silent in the New Church in Delft.

Mausoleum of William the Silent, Nieuwe Kerk, Delft

 Map Mausoleum William of Orange, Delft:

The New Church Short Information Sheet:

The New Church is open for visits
Location: On the main market square (Markt).

Height tower: 108.75 metres
Website: New Church Official website

Holland Information Cloud:

The New Church is the tomb of the Orange family, the most imposing and interesting monument being that erected in 1621, to the memory of "Father William".

Under a marble canopy, borne up by groups of columns and also single pillars, reclining upon a large sarcophagus, lies an effigy of the prince. The four corners are occupied by figures Liberty, inscribed with the motto, je maintiendrai ptitt et justice; Justice, with William's favourite motto, $&vis tranquillus in undis; Prudence; and Religion.

At the head of the recumbent statue is another of the prince, fully equipped for the field of battle; and at the feet stands Fame, with outspread wings, just poised for flight. The feet of the reclining figure rest upon a dog, in commemoration of the fact that William was saved from assassination, while asleep in his tent in 1572, by the timely warning of the approach of his enemies given by a favourite dog. Beneath the same stone rests the body of his son and successor, Prince Maurice.

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