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New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft
Nieuwe Kerk in Delft
The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft.


The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft

Delft Short Information Sheet:

Country: Netherlands
Province: South Holland

Delft Information Cloud:

The New Church (in Dutch: Nieuwe Kerk) is located on the Delft Market Square (in Dutch: Markt), opposite to the Delft Town Hall (in Dutch: Stadhuis).

In 1584, William the Silent, Prince of Orange was entombed here in a mausoleum. The mausoleum was designed by Hendrick and Pieter de Keyser.

Since then members of the House of Orange-Nassau have been entombed in the royal crypt.

The church, and the William the Silent mausoleum can be visited and is open to the public. The private royal family crypt is not open to the public.

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